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Space Walrus is a company founded by an ambitious student persueing his dreams of making video games. These dreams eventually flourished into a game called Minebuilder, which was heavily inspired by the popular sandbox game named Minecraft. The game surpassed all expectations and created opportunities for new innovative projects. Since this moment we have expanded to a small team of talented individuals who share our dreams and ideals.
Currently we are working on three exciting new titles with which we hope to bring newfound joy into your lives once again.
Be prepared to enter a world of joy and have a great time!

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Feeling sleepy yet?
Saturday, the 13th of December 2014 at 19:57, 91 comments

Hello there everyone,

I'm sure you've all been waiting for this.

We would hereby like to announce the Minebuilder 1.14 has been submitted to the Apple app store for review. This means that, should Apple complete the review in time (about a week), we will be able to release Minebuilder 1.14 before christmas!

The android version will be made public once we get the response from Apple, so that they will be released at roughly the same time.

We are very much looking forward to this release, and hope you will all enjoy 1.14 as much as we enjoyed making it.

Yours sincerely,
The Space Walrus Team

The dreamworld update is almost done!
Saturday, the 15th of November 2014 at 13:02, 110 comments


Hey everyone!

Time for some more news on the dreamworld update.
We are now nearly done with the game, as all the new mobs are now working as intended.
We're not going to give promises on the release date though, we just can't estimate how long it's going to take from now on.

So.. just have some spoilers!

A new crafting table button let's you craft with just one swipe with a stack of items!

Hmmm.. what kind of blocks are we looking at??

Oh, and did I mention that the crouch button now works?

The Space Walrus Team

An update on the Dreamworld Update (1.14)
Tuesday, the 21st of October 2014 at 12:40, 75 comments

Hey there everyone!

It's been a while since we have been releasing more info on the new update, so here is one.
First of all, we wanted to release this update much earlier, but that didn't work out.

The past 6 weeks have been very difficult for me personally, which kind of led me into a negative spiral and doing (nearly) nothing.
Anyway, so much for the bad news, on to the good news!

Work has been resumed, and while everything was nearly finished, a lot of work had to be done on my side of the update. The update is now nearing completion, and I'm excited on how all of the mobs have turned out. Now let's hope you guys will like it in the end

If you feel you need to ask more questions about the new stuff, go ahead. We won't spoil everything though


p.s.: screenshot time!

Announcement of Minebuilder 1.14
Wednesday, the 27th of August 2014 at 15:03, 297 comments

Hello everyone!

As you might have seen yesterday, we are working on a new patch.
1.14 will be an interesting update that will bring a new dimension straight to your pockets..


We present you: The Dream Update
We'll be releasing more daily (except sundays) spoilers until we release it.

Vague list of new things
  • Colored blocks (finally)
  • 10 New gem ores
  • Magic rings (equipment)
  • Legendary armor set
  • 2 New dimensions
  • The Minebuilder endboss of all destroying doom

And for the ones that didn't see it well last time:
Here's a new sneak peak of the dreamworld...

Here's our first new mob!
I present you the Ooze!

The Ooze is a ranged mob that will spawn in the normal world.

Second spoiler!

Third spoiler!
Rainbows are a rare source of colored blocks in the dream world. Usually you will find this rainbow, but sometimes there is a dark version too, so there will be 14 colored blocks.
If you really wanted some other colors, please tell us!

Fourth Spoiler! (2 at once to make up for yesterday)

Animated Weapons! These weapons have lost their master and are now floating around
aimlessly, attacking everything that comes near them!

The Swarm! A swarm of seemingly friendly bugs that move around the Overworld.
But be careful they might sting!

The Fire Fox! This magical fox will be a ranged mob and will shoot fire at the player if you come too close to it! The fox drops an item called the Fox Flame. This item can be used to power generators of furnaces for a LONG time!


The Wisp! This little guy will be floating around the trees in the dream world. It is made of the souls of all the players who have ever ragequit Minebuilder because of crashes. Therefore it will burn you if you come near it


The Space Walrus Team.

We've been dreaming about this new patch...
Tuesday, the 26th of August 2014 at 14:23, 16 comments

Hi guys,

We noticed that the last patch we did, didn't quite hit the mark for you.
So we decided to bring out a new one as soon as we could.

Here's a picture... We're doing work and stuff



The Space Walrus Team