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Hello all!

Since most of my DropBox links are no longer valid since the update where DropBox changed the way they handle Public and Private folders, I decided to make this new thread which has the latest versions of all plugins I ever released (also because some people asked me to update the links but I figured it'd be easier to make a plugincollection thread rather than updating the links in every pluginthread). There are also some plugins I have never released (probably because noone really needs them).

Released before:
Backplugin v1.0 Teleport back to your last position
BlockGuard v2.3 WorldGuard for Minebuilder
ChatExtensionPluginv1.0 More customizable chat (support for colors)
CrashFixer v3.1 Only fixes torch placements above clouds (which causes crashes)
AutoDayPlugin v1.0 It's never night on the server now
GameModeBorderPlugin v1.0 Half of the server map will be played in survival mode, the other half in creative mode
InventoryChecker v1.0 Check what a player has in his/her inventory
InventorySwapperPlugin v1.1 Swap your inventory with another player's inventory
KillCommand v1.0 /kill player
KitsPlugin v1.0 A basic survival kit (/
NameTagPlugin v1.0 Tags in front of your name
RegeneratorPlugin v1.0 This will make server restore the state of a certain region every 5 minutes
SpawnTeleporter v1.0 Teleport to /spawn
SuperDicePlugin v1.0 For a guessing/dice game
TeleportExtensionPlugin v1.3 Extends the default teleport commands
WorldBorderPlugin v1.1 Make sure people cannot fly off too far
DataBasePlugin v1.1 Stores basic player data
DeathMessagePlugin v0.2 Show everyone on the server how a person died in the server
LoginStatusBarPlugin v0.2 Shows a piece of text in the status bar at login
LoginStatusBarWelcomeMessagePlugin v0.2 Shows a welcome message in the status bar at login
MBServerAppPlugin v0.3 Chatplugin needed for MBServerApp
MiniGamesPlugin v1.2.4 Minigames plugin (with skywars, spleef, etc)
OfflinePrivateMessagingPlugin v1.1 PM system for players who are offline
QuickShopPlugin v0.3 A shop
ServerEmergencyPlugin v1.0 Locks down the server temporarily so RAM can be freed
ServerTimePlugin v1.0 Use real-time daycycles for the server
ServerTools v0.1 Block blocks/tools
SkyWarsPlugin v3.1 SkyWars minigame plugin
AutoMessagePlugin v0.6.0 Automatic message plugin

Never released before:
BlockDisabler v1.0 Disables most basic griefing blocks
BlockLogger v1.0 Logs all block breaks/placements in console
ChunkUnloadBlocker v1.0 Chunks never get unloaded... (will fill RAM)
EntityKiller v1.0 Attempts to kill every mob on the server
HammerBlocker v1.0 Blocks the hammer
SimpleGuard v1.0 Simplified version of BlockGuard, it uses 2D regions rather than 3D regions
StahpWorldSaving v1.0 Make the server not save the world (might be useful for a minigames server)
PvPCheck v1.0 Shows '<attacker> <damage> <victim>' in the console (against cheaters?)


what r the permissions tho