[1.12+] How to join a Minebuilder Server!

Hey everyone!
On the old forum we were always bombarded with questions about how to join servers! Today, I will answer that question for everyone who wants to play online.

Step 1- Find a Server!
You need to decide which server(s) you want to play on. There are many in this section of the Space Walrus forums. Decide which one by looking at the many threads in this section and then check out the first post of the thread to get info about the server you chose.

Step 2- Is it whitelisted?
A whitelist will only let certain people onto the server. If it says its whitelisted you need to ask the owner of the server to whitelist you. First, check if there is a requirement. Some servers need you to have a certain amount of posts before you can join. Once you have made sure you are qualified, post a reply to the server topic asking them to whitelist you. They will whitelist your forum display name (which can be changed in the manage page from the top right corner) and usually post when they have whitelisted you. Alternatively, if it is not whitelisted proceed to the next step.

Step 3- Grab the IP!
This isn't really needed anymore (1.12+), as most servers will appear in the minebuilder server list so you will only need to follow this step if you are joining a private server.
Once you are ready, look in the first post of the thread to find the IP. It will usually be something like or sometimes something like example.no-ip.org. Make a note of this IP and then proceed to step 4.

Step 4- Launch Minebuilder
Next, you need to launch minebuilder. Hit the green multiplayer icon at the bottom and then it will ask you to login. Type in your forum name and password then press login. Now you will see a list of online servers. Look for the one you saw on the forums and then click and join it. If you can't see it, try going to the "other" button at the bottom right of minebuilder and type in the IP you noted earlier.

Step 5- Play!
Enjoy the server you are playing on and when you want to leave just press the disconnect button in the options!

I hope this has been helpful to everyone!

Updated for 1.12+.
Nath this server it's for minebuilder 1.12?
It's only an example IP, not a real server.
MrCat is correct, I simply did it as an example.
All the servers are mainly in the public list anyway.
Why when i want to play in "other" and it says "unable to connect to server" please tell me
AditWhy when i want to play in "other" and it says "unable to connect to server" please tell me

Did you type the IP properly?
And is the server on that IP online?
of course,its 24/7
Aditof course,its 24/7

Which server are you talking about?
as he leaves the server on 24 hours aero shark is
24 hours helps me al
matheusinho55as he leaves the server on 24 hours aero shark is
24 hours helps me al

From what you said, I only understand something about aeroshark. Can you tell more details?
For a 24/7 server the computer/VPS must be on for 24/7 running the server program.
A VPS is usually on or 24/7 by default
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Evgexahello there,who alive?
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