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Whenever i started playing this game, i couldn't stop. I've been attached too it. I was a dorky preteen with nothing to do, and i met a lot of friends. Met some who i still talk with to this day, I'm pretty sad that this game has died, i will miss this game and all its glory.

Whenever i bought and started playing this game, i knew nothing about it. I learned how and even started my own server (a few servers actually) and with my over active imagination. My dream was to become a moderator and be the best there was. I always dreamed of having the most popular server, and having so many friends.

August 2014 - December 2018.

R.I.P Minebuilder.
Hi CoolGuyBoss,

It is nice to hear from you again!
I hope you enjoyed your time playing Minebuilder (actually my server is still up and running, so you can still visit it if you want).

I have met a lot of people in this community myself too (and with some I am still in touch to this day)!
I enjoyed my time hosting server(s) and playing with you and the other people.
However, people grow older and start growing out of the game; it happens all the time with (almost) any game.
It does not have to be a sad thing because I can look back at Minebuilder as a nice time!

And if you still want to re-live the memories of the past, you are always welcome to visit my server (while it is still up and running). I have tried to keep everyone's buildings and structures grief-free for the past so many years. I will probably upload all the world-files if I decide to shut down the server for good.

See you around!