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The state of things

Dear players,

It pains us greatly to make this announcement, but it is one we have to make nonetheless.

Over the past years we have noticed a significant decrease in sales our games.
To a point where the last 2 major Minebuilder updates has neglegible impact upon the games' wellfare.

Now, this wouldn't have to be an issue. But next to that morale within our company has dropped as well.
Instead, even during work time we started focusing on higher-priority stuff such as our own education.

Because of this, a little while ago we opted to cease our working nights. Essentially ceasing all development.

Now, what does this mean for you;
- There will be no more announced updates for our games. (We may* release bugfixes for example if our free time allows it).
- The SW website and multiplayer services will remain online for now.
- In the event that we ever decide to shut down these online services, we'll make sure to publish a version of our games that function properly without it.
* = No promises

It has been a long trip, we've all had fun making and playing these games, but all things must come to an end.
We'd like to thank all players, this community, our moderators and everyone else for their continuous support.

Thank you all!

- The Space Walrus Team
Bram, Alex, Dick & Rens
really , I believe many lovers minebuilder game will enjoy a continuation like me for me block a continuation as this would be a lack of respect for the players
NinjaGamerreally , I believe many lovers minebuilder game will enjoy a continuation like me for me block a continuation as this would be a lack of respect for the players

How would it be a lack of respect? We're keeping the game alive, and we're doing our best to keep it running even if this website goes down.
You paid for the game, not for the updates, every update you've gotten so far is free content, a gift.

I'm sure they'll love a continuation, but players can also show respect for the developers' lives. We need to live on. And somebody's gotta pay our daily bread.
I'm kinda said about this, yet I'm happy for you guys. But I've been reflecting on this, and I'm being completely honest; I'm planning on taking computer software programming classes in highschool because of this game. Because of you all. All I can say is thank you. This game was really worth the two dollars I spent on it.
I think it was two dollars, I'm not sure. It's been a while.
I already knew, but now it's official. Thank you for the time dedicated this community, thank you for MegaToaster and especially of course Minebuilder. Space Walrus team, I hope to you continue making games, you are good at it and good luck.
Thank you for making the game then. I don't regret buying it at all.
Thank you for everything, thanks to minebuilder I met lots of nice people.
Thanks for this awesome community couse of all this I learned how to make mods not only for Minebuilder but as well for MCPE so thank you.
Hey Space Walrus Team,
I would like to say something to your decision too. First of all I would like to say that I really respect your decision.
In the time where I joined this community and the time until now I met a lot of new people. Also in this time I learned a lot. First of all I learned how to mod Minebuilder, which is very simple and today I am not proud of me, that I can edit xml files. Moreover I learned how to programm some applications and apps. The first application I made is the Minebuilder Handbook, which was not the best. But I think everyone was a beginner and so do I. But today I am making games with some of this community and I really want to say THANK YOU because without your community and you Space Walrus I would never find this new kind of hobby.

Maybe I will remember back to this time and think about how it would be if I never joined this community.

THANK YOU Space Walrus and also thank you Space Walrus community for that awesome time!! <3
Thanks for all the time you've dedicated to the game and community. I wish you all the best in your careers and I hope you all continue to develope games in the future.
Also, any plans on making Minebuilder's code open source? Would love to learn from it.
Owh man
You cant do this
im like this game too much
But,I cant do anything to change this So Thank you for this amazing game
I got surprised when I saw the news, since I was busy so I couldn't play Minebuilder...
Thank you, SW Team for making this awesome game that made me play for several years.
It was a great time building from a small hut in Singleplayer to a huge city in Multiplayer; finally I proved that building a metropolis in MB is possible.
It's a sad thing that the development is ceased, but It would be a great achievement for you guys as a nice experience for your future career and projects.

And thank you all of the nice builders who helped me building the Comet City.

ps. It would be awesome if it's possible to make a program which enables to convert Multiplayer maps into single
omegaspearps. It would be awesome if it's possible to make a program which enables to convert Multiplayer maps into single

It certainly is possible, but not easily done.
Might take a look at it sometime when I'm less busy. No promises though.
LOKOGAMER my brother is banished more tsntou help the company. please unban it
is this the end ? wow im planning to do more in the game but what now if i do cool things that no one will see
Thank you for making this game for us and we love it so much even do theres alot of games out there more awsome and cool
one but this game is IDK what to say but THank YOu SW i appreciated your hard work making games