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For those that have a Vive

Hey there folks!

Just stepping by to let you know we've not all been sitting idly by.
Our lead design ninja (it says that on his old contract) Alex (GraphMaster) has been working together with some of his friends to make a new game for the HTC Vive.

The game is called Eye in the Sky and it will soon be available on Steam.
You can find it here

It's a game where both the guy on the PC and the one inside VR will be able to cooperate to solve puzzles, it's quite a blast! If you do have an HTC Vive or know friends that do, be sure to show it to them!

And if you want to support their studio, you can find it on Facebook [here]

And that's me leaving you guys to it, thanks for reading

- Ikkerens
Awesome! I'm still more of a mobile player but I would love to see a new game by you guys, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing

Wow, just realized it's been three months since you posted it, more or less.
Well, it's not a game by us as a studio, but by one specific member.

And don't worry, I still occasionally check back here